The Dedham Library Innovation Team (DLIT) is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to creating
collaborative, positive partnerships between the libraries, schools, public officials, businesses,
and residents in order to support the strategic vision and development of a best-in-class, vibrant
public library system in Dedham, MA.
First organized in 2011, DLIT began working with the community to build support for the libraries
by sponsoring “Dedham Reads Together,” a town-wide reading initiative, based on a chosen
book, to build community, foster learning and love of literature, and provide opportunities to
support and celebrate the town’s libraries. As part of this annual program, DLIT hosts a gala
event each spring inspired by the selected book to raise funds for the libraries!
DLIT and Dedham High School, in association with the Dedham Square Artist Guild, are also
the stewards of the Dedham Little Free Libraries Project. Dedham’s individually-decorated mini
lending libraries have been built by Dedham High School students and painted by both students
and community artists. Twelve individual little libraries are installed throughout the
neighborhoods of Dedham.
Besides Dedham Reads Together and the Little Libraries Project, DLIT helps sponsor the
annual Book It! Library 5K Race, a family-friendly end-of-summer activity to raise awareness for
the town library system and the many resources it provides. Beginning in 2017, DLIT has also
helped organize and sponsor a middle-grade author festival, “Smack Dab in the Middle” each
March, including panel discussions, Q and A time with the authors, a book sale and book
signing. Free writing workshops for kids with several of the authors are offered as part of the
As a result of these programs and other projects, DLIT funds technology and library collection
purchases each year with funds raised, while continuing to advocate for both Dedham's public
libraries and our public school libraries. In 2015, DLIT was honored with a Massachusetts
School Library Association Advocate Award.
DLIT is always looking for community members to help plan, promote and staff programs. Learn
more about DLIT at www.dlitdedham.com or email .